Here’s to the Future

It’s the unexpected surprises that lead to the greatest moments in life, for example moving to NYC was crazy, unexpected and definitely in God’s plan. The journey to get here was a roller coaster, but in the end it was worth it. Not only am I in love with this city, but I found an amazing church where I’m able to grow in the Lord. The best part is I was able to find myself and embrace who I am (a flower child/hippie – minus the drugs – artsy idealist with hopes of being the next Mother Theresa/future Senior Vice President/CEO). So…that may seen crazy, but I’m an idealist (aka INFJs represent!). While I may be those things, I’m also the daughter of a Lord who loves me.

And that’s enough!

My heart is filled with joy for the first time in my life because I have everything I need – and I’m not talking about material things, even though he has provided immensely. God’s love for us is so deep and raw and faithful yet we don’t deserve any of it. I guess my goal is to portray that love through my actions. To encourage, to help, to provide, etc. We love because he first loved us. That’s where WovenHearts comes in. I want this to be a ministry for women to know that there is a God who loves them and that they are beautiful inside and out. How this will happen? I’m still planning, but hopefully by next year, at least a few people will have been affected by this ministry. So here’s to the future. May it be filled with joy and hope despite living in a broken world.

-The Real Swaggy P


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